>ReSharper 4.5 – Tip #2 – Generate Members

>One of the other developers on the team I’m on pointed out a very handy feature in R# yesterday. It is the “Generate Members” feature and can be accessed using Ctrl+Ins. This handy tool is like a central point to accessing the generation features in R#. The nice thing is that the generated members are placed at the current location and you can generate as many members as you like in one shot. This makes doing things like wrapping a bunch of private fields really easy. So, the next time you are using Alt+Enter (Quick Fix) to generate some code using R#, consider using Alt+Ins and see what it can do.


>ReSharper 4.5 – Tip #1 – Wildcards in Go To Type shortcut


I tend to use the Go To Type shortcut in R# alot (ctrl+N for you keyboard junkies). It was only recently that I found out that you can use simple wildcards when using the shortcut.

In the above screenshot you can see that I’m looking for all classes that start with “Pet” and end with “View”. I don’t use this feature every time I want to jump to a type, but often I can’t remember the exact name of a class but I’ll know pieces of the name and this helps in those cases (it’s especially helpful when I just know how the class name ends, eg. “*Presenter”).