>Imaginet Webcast Series


Several of my colleagues from Imaginet and I will be presenting a series of webcasts starting on May 14th. This series will be pretty broad in what is covered, but in most cases will be very technical (ie. low on Powerpoint, high on code). These webcasts will all start at 11:15 am EST and will be about 1/2 hour each.

If you’re looking through this schedule and you have other ideas on what you’d like to see, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll try to cover that topic in the future.

Here’s the schedule.

Topic Presenter Date
Customizing Team System Process Templates Steve Porter 14-May-08
Introduction to Software Factories Robert Regnier 21-May-08
Windows Communication Service Gateways
with C # 3.0 and
Dave Harris 28-May-08
Testing out the MVC: Routing Ryan Weppler 04-Jun-08
Customizing Software Factories Robert Regnier 11-Jun-08
Dependency Injection with StructureMap Jeremy Wiebe 18-Jun-08
Nhibernate: An Entry-Level Primer Dave Harris 25-Jun-08
Creating Real world applications with CSLA 3.5 David Maynard 02-Jul-08
MVC vs MVP smackdown Robert Regnier 09-Jul-08

>Random numbers in SQL Server


I’m putting this here for my future reference.

I sometimes need to generate random numbers (especially when creating test data in a table). Here’s a method to generate random values that will work even when used in a set-based action (ie. inserting records into table B using table A as the source).

select RAND(CHECKSUM(NEWID())) * [upper limit]

where [upper limit] is the maximum number you want in your random set.