>The 3 stages of a password change


I had a realization today with how I “react” to a password change. At my work we have to change our passwords periodically (I haven’t taken note of exactly how often that is!). I find that after a password change I go through 3 stages.

Stage 1: Wrong password.

I find that during the initial few days I type my old password on the first try pretty much every time when trying to log into my workstation or unlock my computer. This is annoying, but it rarely is so bad that I do it enough to lock my account.

Stage 2: Catching myself.

During the second stage I start typing my old password but before pressing <Enter> to log in/unlock my computer I catch myself, delete the characters and type in the new password. This stage again lasts for a few days.

Stage 3: Bliss!

During the last stage I have fully committed my new password to muscle memory and logins/unlocks are smooth and quick!

Overall this isn’t too inconvenient but I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be if I had to change my password weekly or worse, daily! I might have to look into actually using the HP Biometric Fingerprint Sensor on my laptop for logging in instead of typing in my password. (The downside to that is my coworker uses it and it looks like its even slower than mistyping my password once before getting it right).

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