>HP nx9420 and Hardware Virtualization

>Over the past month I’ve been trying to figure out why Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2007 RC1 won’t allow me to enable Hardware Enabled Virtualization. The Beta of VPC 2007 used to check the “Enable Hardware Virtualization” option checkbox but it was greyed out and beneath the option it said that hardware virtualization was not available on my computer (talk about conflicting…).

I started to do some research. The nx9420 I have comes with an Intel T7400 Core 2 Duo Mobile CPU. So off I go to Intel’s site to find that indeed the T7400 supports Intel’s VT technology (their version of hardware virtualization). I contacted HP and their tech support stated that the nx9420 DIDN’T support hardware virtualization so I was stumped. I sent the Intel link I’d found to the HP tech support and he still maintained that there was no VT support.

So today I decided to give it one last try. I went to HP’s support site looking for driver updates and low and behold there’s a BIOS update available for my laptop. I looked at the release notes and to my sheer joy I see that the BIOS upgrade adds support for hardware virtualization.

I downloaded the update (F.19) and installed it using HP’s snazzy Windows-based BIOS update utility (which gave me a bit of the shivers thinking I was doing a BIOS update in Windows) and rebooted. At the POST menu I went into the BIOS settings and there’s the option! I enabled Hardware Virtualization in the BIOS, booted into Windows Vista, started up VPC 2007, and now I have hardware virtualization enabled in VPC!

Life is good once more.


4 thoughts on “>HP nx9420 and Hardware Virtualization

  1. >I also have an HPnx9420, running Windows 7 with a similar issue. When running the "Windows XP Mode" as suggested by MS for older applications(including vSphere client), I receive messages requesting Hardware Virtualization is not available. I upgraded the BIOS to F1D and still no luck getting it to work. Any suggestions out there would be great.

  2. >@Anonymous: As I said in my post, once I upgraded my BIOS, the virtualization option appeared in my BIOS settings. After enabling it, Virtual PC 2007 "just worked". I have used the Windows Virtual PC in Windows 7 and it seemed to use it also (I didn't get any error messages). Have you tried going into your BIOS and ensuring that: a) the option is there and b) it is enabled?

  3. >Yes, I did and was sad that it didn't work. Upgraded the bios, the virtualization option was available(and I was *smiling* when I enabled it!). šŸ˜¦ I'm trying to determine if it's just a Windows 7 issue, others seem to get it working fine with Vista(including me) but Windows 7 is not being nice now. Hopefully this will get straightened out and I'll post something if it is repaired. Unless you or someone has an additional suggestion.Thanks for the response!

  4. Actually I have the same problem with F1D, seems good in the BIOS but under windows XP it’s not enabled for some reason. Booo, HP have a habit of this sort of behaviour šŸ™‚

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